• GPS5:00
  • Audio Player (feat. Melanie Charles)2:46
  • Top Of The Game 3:56
  • French Champagne (FINAL)8:06
  • EASY3:45

Ohene K. Cornelius Is an American born actor musician and graduate of St Lawrence university with a degree in both acting and writing. He first came to attention for his stand out scenes in "Kick Ass" as the laugh inducing bully that ends up hospitalizing the title character.

After coining the term MOViEO (Music Video Movie) defined as a brand of visual storytelling, Ohene has proven to be the consummate artist committed to joining the highest level of creativity and originality; utilizing his arsenal of singing, songwriting, and guitar while developing a strong and engaging online presence.

Now with a slew of viral internet content, substantial TV and film credits, plus collaborations with philanthropic organizations Ohene has become a staple in modern creative endeavors.

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